Advantages of Wikipedia over printed encyclopedias include constant updates and control of information, integrated links for better understanding, and easy accessibility. To address these benefits, we developed QWIKI, a portable and updatable encyclopedia. With ring binding, pages can be conveniently reprinted and reinserted. QWIKI follows a user-friendly A4 format for easy home printing, integrates links into the printed version, and utilizes a four-column layout to ensure links are on the same page as the main text. Numbered marks indicate the current chapter, aiding quick navigation. QWIKI's compact A6 size enables easy portability, making information accessible anytime, anywhere.

Qwiki - The portable Encyclopedia origins in a course of the 
Master in Communication and Design for Publishing in ISIA Urbino,
 which was supervised by Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey.  
All content is sourced from Wikipedia.
The publication has been printed in the ISIA Urbino on Arena Natural Rough paper 120gr. 
The typefaces used are TWK Everett by Nolan Paparelli (Weltkern foundry);
Liberation Serif by Steve Matteson (Ascender Corporation); 
Teranoptia by Ariel Martín Pérez (Tuner Type Foundry);