In rural areas and small towns, there is often a lack of appropriate cultural spaces for young people. As a result, many move to larger cities, leaving even fewer cultural offerings for this target group in rural areas. To counteract these trends, the Bombastical was developed, an easily transportable, temporary cultural center that can travel from place to place as a packable kit. This space is realized as an inflatable architecture, which is intended to attract the interest of the people living in the area with its unusual, futuristic shape. The inflatable can be set up in any location in just a few minutes and can integrate perfectly into the existing landscape and architecture. The cultural sphere offers space and opportunities for local organizations, artists and engaged people to organize projects, workshops and events specifically relevant to the location. This project aims to break the cycle of limited cultural opportunities and social isolation, enabling the exchange of ideas and current cultural developments not only in big cities, but also in more remote places.